Pieces Of Glass

There is nothing sweet, no, no sweetness in it,no romantic aspect endowed,no inclination to the bett... weiterlesen

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Hysterical -Thinking Cosmical - And Being Omnipresent,With The Mind.....Yet Knowing There Is Some Er... weiterlesen

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I think it is rather odd that things turned out like this. I mean...after all, I just have to say &q... weiterlesen

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Don't Like It!

I am not somebody who loves everybody. I do not love everybody because I do not like everybody. Well... weiterlesen

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@ all Christians out there: Let's suppose the Bible IS written by God:Then, couldn't it be that... weiterlesen

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Deep Soul, And A Secret Almost Less

With new vigor, strengthened I wake up. All around me appears again, like it does everyday. And I am... weiterlesen

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Is my character always in the same shape?.....Maybe I have 2 sides....Maybe I have more than a thous... weiterlesen

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