Two Kinds of Satisfaction

There are two kinds of satisfaction of lust:

The first one is the healthy drive pointed to a person who is the body of lust. I see this body as another human, respecting it and communicating with it while having sex. Yes, sex is communication.

However there is another, pathological satisfaction of lust, namely a part of jouissance: The person the drive is pointed to is not seen as a human being anymore, but is seen as a mere object of satisfaction. If this happens, there is no communication between the two parties, but only a unilateral satisfaction. This is how obsession occurs.
In this case, the person who the lust is pointed to could be anything at least resembling it. It might also only be a certain act this person does which is found in other situation of life that can be sufficient to satisfy the lust.

That what triggers the satisfaction in the object is the unconscious, repressed part of oneself. I don't yet know why it occurs in this way, in satisfaction, even though the unconscious consists of painful memories. 

Anyway, sex, real, healthy sex, has nothing to do with repressed memories or obsession. The person is seen as a human and there is communication between the parts. In obsession, there is none; one can maybe say that the unconscious communicates in some way with the conscious, but nothing more. There is no rapport between the two persons in obsession. 

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