Brand New Start

Every day, every moment

is a new chance, a new hazard.

With every breath you take,

you inhale new energy -

the energy you need for each 

new adventure.

With every second to lapse,

billions and billions of possibilities

are forever buried in the past,

but with the rise of each new second,

there are also billions of billions

of possibilities to be realized. 

Decisions made.

Life lived. 

Love given. 

Every new day is a new beginning,

every night a new creation,

every depart from your pillow

a brand new start.

You are born each day anew,

only your preconditions differ. 

There is no knowledge about

what is to come. 

Don't obstruct your every chaning

path by presuming

unnecessary - and maybe outdated -


Leave it to destiny. 

You're not in charge of this,

but you're responsible for

how many possibilities there are

for you, and

which one you'll grasp. 


13.1.09 15:37


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