As I think about life, and I'm pondering,
I get more and more curious, wondering
how it'd be on the other side.
People speak about a light...

Well, and having lived for decades,
seen life with its shadows and shades,
doesn't day and night become a little boring,
as well loving, hating, detesting, adoring?

Wouldn't it be interesting, I dare to ask,
to cast a glance to some other world,
where things don't change and ever last,
which no one has seen, no one has heard.

I'd like to know how death might feel,
if a dream engulfes me or if it's like real.
But then I discover that more than I live,
I'm already dead, have nothing to give.

And nothing to take. So I start asking,
how does life feel, how might it be,
away from the things that are everlasting,
What is love? What is hatred? What does it mean for you and me?

8.6.10 22:35


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