Auf Regen folgt 


Aber man will nach dem Regen

nicht immer sehen, was ein 


alles vernichtet hat.


Self-confident people 

go together with

self-confident people.

Shy people

go together with

shy people.

It's because in a relationship, there must be an equilibrium. If the relationship is out of balance, one side will permanently feel superior and is bored by the other, while the other side feels permanently inferior and feels thus intimidated by the partner. Such a relationship will not endure. 

We are always seeking people who we can connect with and who we feel as being on the same personal "level" as we ourselves are. So we soon have to recognize that we won't get everything or everyone we want, but have to restrict ourselves to things which match our own identity. Only this will finally yield happiness


Viele Probleme, die man hat in einem solchen Alter ergeben sich daraus, dass man sich nicht erklären kann, was mit einem geschieht. Der Schmerz des Erwachsenwerdens und die Verwirrung, die man durchmachen muss, sind ein Nährboden für innere und äußere Konflikte. Nicht selten macht man seine Eltern oder andere Bezugspersonen für das verantwortlich, was man sich einfach nicht erklären kann. Plötzlich ist man geschlechtsreif, plötzlich befindet man sich in einer Beziehung - und man muss den ersten Trennungsschmerz durchstehen - plötzlich erwartet man Verantwortung und die Unterdrückung kindlicher Spielzüge. Wie, um alles in der Welt, soll man das als kleiner Mensch verstehen? Wie, um alles in der Welt, soll man das verarbeiten? Die körperliche und psychische Veränderung ist enorm - da ist es eine Meisterleistung, noch ganz bei Sinnen zu bleiben! Weil man sich selbst nicht hinreichend versteht, sucht man endlos nach Gründen für das eigene Versagen. Man will verstehen - mehr verlangt man gar nicht. Aber selbst das scheint schon zu viel verlangt.


Jeder Tag... ein neuer Anfang...!


The only reason why you would not clearly see the truth is because it's unbearable to you.


Das Leben liegt im Sein, nicht im Haben.
Das heißt, du bist nicht das Wert, was du besitzt, sondern das, was DU bist.


The Absolute Secret Of Life
(Assuming you being a boy)
Everything you do or aspire to - studying, aiming for success in life, hobbies and passions you put all your energy in, be it sports, music, drawing, or any kind of art and anything that would make you popular - you do it for the girls. You do it to attract them and finally get intimate. This is what everything you do aims at. Since it's your libido which is poured into everything you do. Imagine a world without the female sex. What point would there be to be successful, to impress anyone, to excel in anything? There would be no competition anymore, hence no ambition to succeed. To be popular means to be known by more people, thus by more women, thus a bigger chance for you to get one is there.


Sometimes we just want somebody to tell us what to do, how to act and what's allowed....since we are so lost in the relentless flow of time.


Lust is the tension that holds together your personality.


Geld ist das Glück des Ungeliebten.

6th of July 2008

Everyone creates a philosophy according to his destiny, since he needs to deal with it.
This gives meaning even to the most extreme incontingencies.

June 26th, 2008

Das Leben ist etwas, was man einfach macht, ohne zu wissen, warum.

June 25th, 2008

Es geht nicht darum, sich selbst zu verwirklichen, sondern darum, seinen Platz in der Gesellschaft zu finden.

Wednesday, 25th of June 2008

You need not change your conscious, you need to change your UNconscious!
That is, you have to expose what it is, admit, and then work with it.

Tuesday, 24th of June 2008

There's a very sharp edge between acceptance and suicide.

There's life which can give you everything or nothing:

It's always an endlessly sensible balance.


Don't be afraid of your own self.

Don't fear your fears.

You'll always make mistakes,

admit a smile, grieve to tears.

You cannot change the way it is,

you can only hope for the best.

Only hope that you will succeed,

if not, you're still a welcome guest.

You can fret, can mourn, can bear sorrow,

might even commit suicide, commit murder.

Do it as you will.

However, there will be a different tomorrow,

so don't hibernate on failures no further,

'cause you're gonna be you, still!

Tuesday, January 29 in 2008

You will reap the fruits of the seed you have sown.

Your effort will yield the piece.

January 16, 2008

I have to do what I really want,

follow my heart, follow my innermost direction.

To listen to what leads me within...

to the spring of my life.


I am such a little man in such a small world...

(Octobre 30, 2007)

Pourquoi est-ce que

nous nions que

nous avons

notre destin

dans nos mains,

ainsi l'avenir,

ainsi notre bonheur?


Sinon gêné comme les gens

du continent du soleil

brûlant comme les feux

de l'enfer,

qui sont dépendant de nous,

nous, qui jouissent

notre vie

à l'aise!

(Friday 13th, July 2007)

If you say that belief can be

defined as "something you feel

sure about",

then you also have to admit

to yourself


it might be



For change is always imminent.

(April 24, 2007)

Every struggle

you do



fight for



every struggle

you win


the decision to




There cannot be a clear sense of


if the self, the

I obscured...


Not every thing

that is life




not every thing

that feels good




You always have a choice.

You only have to recognize

what there is to change.


If you want to face your shadow - then,

there are no compromises!

You have to know what you want,

and either give everything up

or stay veiled.

There is no between.